Concept 1: Piano

Concept 2: Statue of Liberty

Concept 3: Portrait of a Cat

In the same sort of way that this artist below did this portrait, I might find it interesting to work with a picture of my cat.

Philip Absolon, a Cubist artist

Concept 4: Toys R US Sign

I talked to my sister about what she thought about Cubism and she said she believed Cubism to be very strong when there are strong subjects, icons such as brands or important figures.


Concept 5: Still life

I chose a picture of lemons and wine from Italy.

I found this picture on the internet from Cezanne and some artist added the cats. I thought it was pretty cool.

Concept idea:I will use the inspiration of Picasso’s cubist style. I would like to find shapes in the cat and also break up a picture in the background. For example:

My Thumnail:

I will find a background, a picture of a windowsill or some corner of a place to put him, because the background was too boring of the rug.

I started to change the background

I used the polygonal lasso tool and started breaking up and coloring shapes by using a palette that worked together.

I used the paint brush to paint on the whiskers

I started to flaten the image and then use the tools HDR Toning to create the effects.I also tried to see which would be the strongest mediums for each part of the cat’s body by looking through the different technique, medium and style settings.

I incorporated highlights for the fur, but decided I didn’t like it because it was too drastic.

I started breaking up the shapes in the background.

I used the Brush tool with the texture of “animal hair” which allowed it pop out of the page, especially to mix the ears and the face together.

I started to take pictures of the cat in different positions and put him in the panels at the top to make the concept more appealing.

 Edward Muybridge


One response to “Cubism

  1. Mary. I love your cat cubism! I think it was a great idea to play with the color around your cat instead of on him. The texture looks great and the colors work really well. This is definitely a cool piece to hang on your wall!

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